Despite the fact that DOOM Eternal won't be coming to Switch on the same day as other platforms, Nintendo fans will still have plenty of grisly action to get stuck into on 20th March. In case it had slipped your mind, a port of DOOM 64 is launching on Switch on that very day, and it looks like buying it won't hurt your wallet too much, either.

According to a 'Coming Soon' eShop listing in the UK, DOOM 64 will cost £3.99 when it arrives on Switch next month. The US Nintendo website actually has the game's price listed, too, where it'll be available for $4.99.

£3.99 for a Nintendo 64 game is pretty great value; you'd do well to find an actual N64 cartridge of the game for anything like that price on eBay, and N64 games have tended to be considerably more pricey on modern systems. When Turok launched on Switch last year, the game cost £15.79, and even the titles made available on WiiWare back in the day cost approximately £7.50 each after Point conversions.

Perhaps this will be the ideal way to pass the time before DOOM Eternal does eventually make its way to Switch later in the year? It's pretty hard to say no at that price, right?