Animal Crossing New Horizons

After months of silence, the recent Animal Crossing Direct seems to have started a small avalanche of marketing and info drops for Animal Crossing: New Horizons. We've had new screenshots revealed via Walmart of all places, two new commercials straight from Nintendo in Japan, and today brings another boatload of gorgeous screens for us to admire.

This lovely selection of screens comes from the official North American Animal Crossing website (with special thanks to AnimalCrossingWorld for digging them up). We see new houses, new dialogue, Lloid, more furniture, plenty of inspiring design choices and more. Take a look.


If you haven't yet ordered your copy of the game, you can find lots of options right here. There's also lots of lovely merch to choose from if you're wanting to go all out for the big day on 20th March.

Are these screenshots getting you even more excited? Tell us below.