Forever Entertainment

Forever Entertainment has detailed plans to launch both Wanderlust Travel Stories and Fred3ric on Nintendo Switch later this month.

Both games will be available to pre-purchase on the Switch eShop this Thursday, 13th February, with a 10% discount. Let's take a look at what both games will offer, shall we?


Release Date: 23rd February | Price: 9,99€

Fred3ric is a continuation of the music games series popular and appreciated around the world. The unique and somewhat crazy plot, music inspired by the classical works, and the title character of Frederic Chopin determine the strength of this unique production.

Frederic is back... Although the previous battle ended with a victory, the evil is again present. Zeitgeist, the wicked, cybernetic, quintessence of absolute evil, has a plan. Evil plan to throw Frederic into the vortex of time while taking away everything that is most valuable to him. Zeitgeist is not alone. Frederic will have to face the infected, steel-bound great composers of bygone times. Skills and piano are the only things our hero has left - is this enough this time?

-Re-interpreted, classical works of music.
-Delightful, rich in details, 2D graphics.
- A unique, humorous story.
- Difficulty levels adapted to players' skills.
- 8 levels crowned with an extensive final.

Wanderlust Travel Stories

Release Date: 27th February | Price: 14,99€

Wanderlust Travel Stories is an anthology of interactive travel literature, inspired by true stories and set in real places.

True Travel. Every journey is inspired by true stories and set in real places. Altogether it’s authentic, grounded, and well-researched literature by passionate travelers and seasoned reporters. Wanderlust Travel Stories lets you see the world they saw throughout their journeys.


Intimate Writing. Emotions color the experience—as characters react to your choices and their mood shifts, so does their perception of people and places. It’s an inward-focused experience where you can take in every moment at your own pace.


Minimalistic approach to design: simple aesthetic, bespoke photography, and immersive soundscapes set the tone just enough to stir your own memories or feed the imagination.

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