Mmm... OST

Over in the West we don't tend to enjoy as many video game soundtrack releases as lucky Japanese gamers do, although there's always the option to import something particularly special. Well, a candidate has just turned up for pre-order in the form of the absolutely love OST set for The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening.

As spotted on Twitter, this beautiful CD set combines both the soundtrack for the Switch remake with the Game Boy original across four discs. There's not really much more to say: Just. Look. At. Those. Discs!...

What else can we say? The awesome map art on the discs is enough to have us plundering our PayPal accounts, and the fact that the 205 included tunes are also pretty tidy is a rather pleasant bonus!

The Link's Awakening OST is expected to ship between 18th-23rd March according to those retailers, and is up for pre-order for just under $50 on both Amazon Japan and at Play Asia. We've provided a link to the latter below:

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Oh well, this is what savings are for no? No?!? Be still our weeping wallet. Let us know below if you're planning on importing this beauty or if you believe this has any chance of a release in these parts.