Fire Emblem Three Houses demake
Image: Vilibear - FE: Three Houses GBA Demake Channel

Fire Emblem: Three Houses may well have had a wonderfully successful time on Switch, generating a passionate legion of new fans experiencing the franchise for the first time, but series veterans will no doubt remember its 2D routes just as fondly, including several titles on the good old Game Boy Advance.

Well, what if we told you that you might soon be able to experience Fire Emblem: Three Houses as if it was released on the GBA? A team of Fire Emblem fans has been hard at work, creating a demake of the game in the style of Nintendo's old handheld console. It all started with a demake of the game's prologue, which was originally "supposed to stay a one-shot".

Things have taken an exciting turn since then, however, and the team are now working to make a full version of the game. A new update was shared to YouTube recently, showing off a GBA-style rendition of the game's main theme and revealing that "progress is going well".

This fan-made project will be focusing on the Blue Lions route available in Fire Emblem: Three Houses (recreating the entire thing would have been an even more monstrous task) and the team is currently working on Chapter 5. If you're keen on following the story behind this one, the team's Discord is the best place to go. We must say, it's pretty cool seeing our favourite Three Houses stars looking like this.

Would you play this given the chance? Can you imagine what it'd be like if Nintendo decided to release official demakes? We can dream.