Today, indie publisher Headup has revealed Pumpkin Jack for Nintendo Switch, a "comically creepy" 3D platformer.

The game, developed by Nicolas Meyssonnier, has players taking part in a battle of good against evil, jumping, dodging, and carving their way through challenging enemies and puzzles. It's been developed using Unreal Engine for ultra visual shininess, and should apparently appeal to fans of games like MediEvil and Jak and Daxter.

Here's some PR and a feature list:

The peaceful Boredom Kingdom, with its happy citizens, monotonous calm... and adorable little bunnies, has sent the Devil himself into a flying rage! With dreams of turmoil, torture, and bloodshed on his mind, he unleashed the dreadful Curse of the Eternal Night upon the land. Not in love with the idea of a change in their peaceful lifestyle, the humans summon their saviour — a mighty wizard with the power to put an end to the evil curse.

In order to stop these party crashers from ruining his fun, the Devil summons the spirit of Jack, the Pumpkin Lord, to fight against the wizard’s army of beasts and destroy the killjoy wizard! You, as Jack, will be tearing your way through fright-filled levels as you punish those who dared defy your master!

Features include:
Colorful Cartoon Setting: Travel through lurid landscapes in levels featuring alluring atmospheres, each crafted with vibrant colour palettes, and high-quality lighting effects
- Fight For Your Life: With challenging beasts lurking around every corner, players must master the art of combo attacks, dodging, and timing to survive dynamic real-time battles! Players must unlock weapons and choose wisely in order to strike down all who oppose them!
- Don’t Lose Your Head: Solve puzzles that focus on physics, gravity, and reflection as Jack, or ditch the skinsuit and just use your flaming head to burn books, hammer some moles, create paths for magic spheres, and more as each level introduces new and exciting challenges
- Find Friends to Fight at Your Side: Helpful companions are there to assist Jack in his journey, including a haughty hooty owl to guide him along, and a snarky crow, itching to assist with long-range attacks

The game is set to launch on Switch in Q4 2020; we have it on good authority that it'll arrive "around Halloween".

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