Image: Joe Zieja / Nintendo

The art of cosplaying as your favourite gaming characters appears to be more popular than ever at the moment, but we doubt there are many who can say that they've cosplayed as themselves.

Joe Zieja, voice actor of Fire Emblem: Three Houses' Golden Deer leader Claude, has shared a couple of images to his personal Twitter account cosplaying his very own character. Zieja regularly interacts with fans of the game on social media, embracing the many memes that the fandom creates, so we're not surprised to see him taking on this (admittedly brilliant) cosplay attempt.

Giving credit where credit's due, here are more of the talented folk who made this happen:

We actually had a chat with the man himself last year around the time the game launched. If you missed it the first time around, make sure to watch the video below to find out how Joe landed the role, get some insight into the voice acting industry, and find out more about his time voicing characters such as Star Fox's Fox McCloud:

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