Launching next week on Nintendo Switch is 3000th Duel, an action-adventure title which first launched on Steam at the end of last year.

Described as a "dark fantasy Metroidvania", the game stars a hero who has lost his memory with a mysterious mask covering his face. He heads out on a journey to discover the truth behind his identity, taking on monsters, platforming, and plenty of mystery along the way.

The game's world is made up of more than 300 connected biomes, with more than 150 monsters and final bosses to defeat. You'll find that blade-based attacks come with the advantage of fast attack speed, sword-based attacks can do heavy damage, and lance-based attacks are best for long reach and strategic gameplay.

The game will launch on Switch on 19th February and will be available for $14.99 / £11.29. An early-bird discount is already live, however, taking that price down to $10.49 / £9.03 for a limited time.

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