UKIYO Publishing and Overhype Studios have announced that Battle Brothers, a turn-based RPG, is headed to Nintendo Switch in 2020.

First appearing on PC back in 2017, the game is a procedurally-generated, tactical affair in which players must gather up their very own crew in a medieval fantasy world. You get to choose who you'd like to hire, where you want to go, what contracts you'll take on, and more, managing your budget and equipment along the way.

Combat has you placing your fighters in battle before getting stuck into the game's tactical ways. Different weapons have different advantages and disadvantages against one another, with axes beating shields, maces having the ability to stun enemies, and war-hammers being able to crush enemy armour. You'll want to take the time to think about each move you make, too, as permadeath means that once a soldier is lost, they're lost forever.

It's also been confirmed that all DLC, including the Lindwurm, Warriors of the North, Beasts & Exploration, and Blazing Deserts expansions, will be released post-launch this summer.

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