We've seen some pretty wild Nintendo Switch controllers over the last few years - including an actual, big blue Dragon Quest Slime face - but we weren't expecting to see a Joy-Con alternative quite like this.

Gaming accessory maker Snakebyte has today began shipping these 'MULTI: PLAYCON' controllers for Nintendo's machine. The idea here is to provide "a more comfortable gaming experience" when enjoying all of your local multiplayer games, hoping to combat the awkwardness some players experience while trying to hold a single official Joy-Con for hours on end.

Apparently, 16 of the little beasts can be connected to a Switch at any one time and are said to offer a "rock-solid" connection to your console over 7m. Here's a quick feature list:

  • Full button functionality with vibrations of the micromotor
  • Wireless connection via Bluetooth
  • Two controllers for multi-player operation on one device
  • The built-in battery offers a long battery life with high charging speed
  • The MULTI: PLAYCON controllers are compatible with all Switch / Switch Lite games that can also be played with a single Joy-Con controller.

As well as the black and grey models, you can also pick up these rather fetching blue and orange ones.

A set of two controllers costs €34.99 on Snakebyte's website. You can order them as we speak.

Love them? Hate them? Want a pair? Tell us below.