It looks like 2020 might well be about to bring us something new in the world of Splatoon, with a promotional image shared by Nintendo seemingly teasing... Well, something.

Below, we've shared a tweet from the official Splatoon Twitter account in Japan. It's wishing players a happy new year and providing a not-particularly-suspicious comment on Splatoon 2's Salmon Run mode, but there's more than meets the large, fishy eye here.

Take a really close look at the reflection of the '202' from '2020', and then take an even closer look at the water itself. It might be easier to zoom in on our lead image above, but you should be able to see that the letters 'SOS' are made, and that the words 'Save Our Salmons' can just about be seen in the water.

Salmon Run has players defeating the pesky Salmonids to collect Power Eggs, and we've always been fed the idea that they're the bad guys. So why are we suddenly being asked to save them? Is this a message from the Salmonids themselves?

More importantly, what does this actually mean for the series' fans? Hype for a potential Splatoon 3 hit fever pitch over Christmas after a number of fans excitedly read a little too much into a Nintendo Instagram post, but perhaps this is the first sign that a sequel really is on the way. Or, perhaps this is teasing a new batch of DLC for Splatoon 2? The latter probably makes more sense.

Either way, we'll have every Inkling and Octoling on the Nintendo Life team keeping an eye out for more clues. Booyah!