Launching later this week on Nintendo Switch is Sparkle 4 Tales, the latest Sparkle series game from indie developer, Forever Entertainment.

The game has you playing as a small spark of life, aiming to grow into a beautiful aquatic being. As you can imagine, this isn't your typical gaming experience, with the exploration of your surroundings and taking in the soundtrack being the main focus. Having said that, a list of features for the game does mention "epic boss fights" and a "unique storyline".

Here's what the game's eShop listing has to say:

Begin the emotional journey and start as a small spark of life. Move out of the depths into the bright and peaceful place of grown species. Immerse yourself in the atmospheric surroundings from the beginnings of life, and the beautiful soundtrack to complement your experience.

Have a conversation with the Creator to determine your future. Will you grow into a peaceful being, a bloodthirsty carnivore or something in between? Explore the Void and find your destiny. Become a magnificent being and explore your potential in a unique story.

If you want to see the game in action to understand it all a little better, this video below should do the trick nicely:

Like what you see? If this seems like your kind of thing, you'll be able to grab the game from the Switch eShop starting from 30th January. It'll cost $9.99 / 9.99€.