Kaigan Games has revealed that Simulacra 2 will be heading to Nintendo Switch at some point in 2020, bringing another dose of interactive horror to the console.

Just like its predecessor, Simulacra 2 uses a phone interface to tell an immersive, modern-feeling horror story. This one follows the mysterious death of an online influencer, and players will need to piece together the truth by going through the victim's phone messages, videos, and social media.

We weren't completely satisfied with the first game when it launched just last month, despite its intriguing ideas. Kaigan Games says that the new game "twists and expands" upon the series' format, however, with "new inventive apps, a more complex narrative, a larger live-action cast, and a deeper look into a creepy alternate universe". Hopefully this one will perfect some of the areas that were a little lacking in the first game.

Simulacra 2 is already out on iOS and Android and is planned to release on Steam on 16th January. No specific date has been set for the Switch launch just yet, although it is expected this year as noted above.

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