Launching today on Nintendo Switch is Seek Hearts, a sci-fi RPG with a mysterious story to tell.

The game has you following the tale of Izen, who appears to be a cyborg of sorts. Izen begins to question his identity, wondering why he was created and who by, and so decides to set out on a journey to discover his origins. During your adventure, you'll be able to upgrade Izen's abilities with new parts and chips and enter strategy-based battles.

We've got quite a lengthy feature list for you below if you'd like to learn a little more:

Upgrade Izen's parts and abilities!
Izen has the ability to boost his parameters by absorbing weapons. He is also able to swap out both arms, which act as weapons; legs, which increase defense; and by inserting certain chips into his core, he can even add specialized skills to his arsenal!

Fight with the support of fairies!

By activating the armament drive, a weapon's full potential can be leveraged to give the party an edge in battle. For powerful enemies, fairy bursts can be used to deal heavy damage. The party can also gain the support of fairies in battle by equipping shards.

Add a little spice to life with titles!

Various titles are gained as the story progresses, which will slightly increase character parameters. Setting these to party members makes them that much more personal!

New features that are sure to appeal to both the casual and hardcore gamer!

Battle speed and encounter rates can now be changed as desired! Get easy items from fairies that hide in stockings! New and intuitive features make finishing the game possible for everyone! Loads of extra content including a battle arena and more!

If you're seeing this and thinking "this has Kemco written all over it", that's probably because it has Kemco written all over it. The publisher's usual partnership with Exe Create has resulted in this game making its way over from mobile devices and Steam, joining an ever-growing library of similar titles.

If you love nothing more than jumping into these RPGs, though, now's the time to strike. The usual price on Switch is $14.99 / £13.49, but you can enjoy 10% off on launch day.

What do you think? Will you give this one a go?