Virtual Boy Television
Image: marcus9199

The Virtual Boy wasn't exactly Nintendo's finest hour. Despite this, the device was arguably ahead of its time and over the years has developed a cult following. In 2018, for example, an indie developer released a Virtual Boy emulator for the Oculus Rift headset - allowing users to play this short-lived generation of Nintendo gaming on modern VR technology.

Now, the retro console modders at iFixRetro have transformed an old Virtual Boy into an entire console. Instead of having to put your eyes up to the red monochrome head-mounted display, this unique design allows you to connect the system directly to the television.

As explained by Kotaku, the iFixRetro team was able to make this happen by printing a special case. After this, they placed the Virtual Boy headset motherboard inside it, along with a Virtual Tap board and servo emulator.

The servo emulator was created by a console modder known as Furrtek, and "tricks" the headset hardware - enabling it to output to a television. The Virtual Tap also plays a vital role, allowing the graphics to be displayed at a better ratio on-screen.

Have you ever played a Virtual Boy? Would you rather play its red-coloured games on a television? Comment down below.