With the discovery of various glitches over the years, speedrunners have been diligently chipping away at The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for a long time now - and we've even seen the game 100% completed while blindfolded. For a while now a sub-17 minute Any% time has been a target in the speedrunning community, and a few days ago Torje from Norway managed to hit that target with a blistering world record time of 16:58.

Running the game via Wii Virtual Console, this is the culmination of a four-year effort in the community to complete the game by any means in under 1020 seconds. The video below show's Torje's record in its entirety (be warned that the language gets a little fruity):

As you can see, he employs a host of glitches and warps to the final Ganon encounter using a strategy involving a bottle in place of a Deku Nut. Any way to get to the finish line is legitimate in an Any% run, whatever the method, and Torje now holds the World Record.

How long he retains the title is another question - the speedrunner notes that several mistakes cost him precious seconds during his attempt, including an 'accidental backwalk', missing a backflip in the first phase of the fight against Ganon and an eyebrow-raising '2 nut Gohma'.

He goes on to say he'll continue running the game with the goal of achieving 'at least 16:55'. Until a new discovery is made, it seems that chipping milliseconds off this new record will likely be the focus in the meantime. Regardless of how long he holds the title, Torje's run is mightily impressive and we encourage you to check out the entire thing above when you've got a spare quarter of an hour or so.

Have you tried pulling off any of these tricks? What's your best time for completing Ocarina of Time? Let us know below.

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