Switch collectors have yet another new release to add to their lists as Smoke and Sacrifice is set to receive the full, physical treatment later this week.

The new release is coming courtesy of Super Rare Games, where it'll be available alongside a 20-page full-colour manual, interior artwork, an exclusive sticker, and three trading cards randomly selected from the five-card set. Pre-orders go live right here on 9th January, with shipping expected to commence the following week.

If you're not clued up on this one, we'd urge you to have a read of our full review. Here's a snippet of what we said back when the game launched digitally in 2018:

Smoke and Sacrifice is an attractive take on the survival genre with a diverting story examining our reliance on fossil fuels and class-dependent economies. Juggling your gear is more finicky than it should be, which is disappointing when inventory management is such a fundamental part of the game. However, if you’re prepared to keep on top of things, and you have the fortitude to brave the oppressive smoke, there’s plenty to enjoy in Sachi’s quest and the core crafting loop.

Smoke & Sacrifice Coming Soon Vanity

Will you be adding this one to your collection? If you've played it already, would you recommend it to other readers? Share your thoughts in the comments below.