Last year in January, a video game hacking group known as Team-Xecuter revealed a Switch hack allowing players to run pirated games on Nintendo's hybrid device. Nintendo followed this up at the end of 2019, by taking legal action against a California resident named Sergio Moreno, who was accused of selling Team-Xecuter's mod devices, memory cards filled with pirated Nintendo games, and modified NES Classic systems.

In the latest update, Nintendo has now won an injunction against Moreno. As explained by TorrentFreak, it prohibits the defendant from "selling, renting, offering or distributing unauthorised copies" of Nintendo's works or infringing its trademarks.

Additionally, it prevents him from engaging in several other types of conduct, such as "challenging the validity or enforceability" of any Nintendo IP, right or protection method in "any forum in the future", hacking, modifying or circumventing the company's technical measures within its hardware or software, and reverse engineering any software developed by Nintendo or affiliated companies.

The defendant was required to provide written certification to Nintendo, stating how he was not in possession of any software or device used to circumvent the company's video games and systems at the time of the stipulated judgment and injunction, and if he was, it was destroyed. This applies to his agents as well. No fines were enforced, but both parties were required to cover their own costs and attorney fees.

[source torrentfreak.com, via gamesindustry.biz]