Nintendo Switch Online - Cloud Saves

Last month, Nintendo of America's former president Reggie Fils-Aimé predicted cloud gaming would take off over the next decade as technology steadily evolves and download speeds increase. Obviously, right now, the video game industry is still in the earlier experimental phases with projects like Microsoft xCloud and Google Stadia.

What does Nintendo's current global president Shuntaro Furukawa think about the idea of cloud gaming, though? He was recently asked during an interview with the Japanese publication Nikkei if he thought this new technology would result in the demise of "expensive" and "dedicated video game hardware" like the Nintendo Switch.

Here's Furukawa's full reply, courtesy of a translation by Oni_Dino from Nintendo Everything:

It’s possible that cloud gaming could capture the public’s interest in 10 years from now, however at this point in time, I do not think that dedicated hardware will go away. It’s a long way off before we’ll really know the outcome. With that said, it is imperative that we focus on improving methods of play that can only be had on dedicated hardware. Once your audience starts saying they can play on other consoles or smartphones instead, you’re finished.

This isn't necessarily the first time the president has shared his thoughts about cloud gaming. Speaking to investors at a Q&A last March, he revealed how he believed Nintendo's current business of integrated hardware and software would increase in value in the future, despite advancements in streaming technologies.

I believe that our core value, the unique entertainment experiences that can only be achieved through the development of integrated hardware and software, will further increase in value. Delivering unique entertainment that only Nintendo can create will continue to be our top priority.

Although it might not seem like Nintendo is ready to embrace cloud gaming, there have actually been some cloud games released on the Switch, such as Assassin's Creed Odyssey. For now, though, these experiences remain exclusive to Japan.

Is the future of gaming in the cloud? Share your thoughts down below.