Search giant Google has just lifted the lid on its cloud gaming service, known as Stadia.

The service will stream games across pretty much any device with a screen, including phones, tablets, laptops, TVs and more besides. You’ll be able to access your games via all of these portals, and even pick up where you left off when moving between platforms.

Using Google’s cloud infrastructure, Stadia will offer low-latency gaming that can support 4K, 60fps visuals and will also offer 8K support in the future. It will also offer cool features like Stream Connect — where you can combine streams on the same TV when playing locally with your friends without having to worry about hardware limitations — and the ability to access information about trickly sections in games as you play. You’ll also be able to watch streams on YouTube and then jump into the lobby for the next game.

The Stadia controller was also shown off, and connects directly to Google’s game servers via WiFi for low-latency input, rather than via a Bluetooth connection which would be subject to delayed input speed. It also has the Konami code on the back, which is a nice touch.

Cross-play is also promised, and Q-Games’ Dylan Cuthbert — he of Star Fox fame — came on stage to not only confirm that his studio is working on a Stadia title, but that it would be the biggest game they have ever created, and that it would support ‘State Share’, which allows players to point someone to their iteration of a game and let them play with the same equipment or gear.

Google is working with publishers and studios like Ubisoft and id Software, and will be creating its own exclusive content via its internal studio, headed up by industry veteran Jade Raymond. id Software has confirmed that it has DOOM Eternal up and running on the service already.

The service launches in 2019 in North America, UK and Europe, but Google hasn’t yet stated how pricing will work.