Yesterday's announcement and reveal of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's Challenger #5 rounded out the first round of DLC fighters added to Nintendo's crossover brawler. While opinion on Fire Emblem: Three Houses' Byleth seems to be fairly mixed, he joins a huge roster of fighters from across the video gaming spectrum. Naturally, he has also found himself a place in the epic mural that's steadily getting updated along with every DLC drop. Spotted him above already?

As revealed first by the official Japanese Smash Bros. Twitter account, Byleth slots in just behind Metal Gear Solid's Snake and to the left of Street Fighter's Ken:

The mural has since been updated on the US Smash Bros. site. With another six fighters planned to be released over the next two years, there are plenty gaps left to fill yet, so you'll have to hold off on getting this made into wallpaper and pasted around your living room unless you want to add the newcomers as they're announced periodically until December 2021.

Byleth will be let loose in the game on 28th January, after which we can probably expect a new fighter every four months or so. Nintendo, eh? They're sure keeping the ball rolling with this one.