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Over the holiday period, NPD video game industry analyst Mat Piscatella has been sharing some interesting data about software and hardware trends within America. According to the NPD Group's PlayerPulse surveys, more than 40% of Switch owners located in the US own a PlayStation 4 and/or an Xbox One.

Piscatella goes onto explain how the Nintendo Switch "isn't a substitute" to either system and is actually supplemental. Below is his full explanation via Twitter:

He also notes how he doesn't see next-generation hardware launches having a meaningful impact on Switch sales in 2020. Piscatella recently elaborated on the current sales momentum of the Switch, in an interview with

Nintendo Switch will remain on top in the hardware space, perhaps into 2022.

However, he did go onto mention how the industry, in general, could see a hardware sales decline, as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One end their life cycles. Switch growth was, fortunately, able to offset some of these declines in 2019, but it's unlikely this will continue this year.

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