Update: The demo for Soloman Program is available in Japan, so footage has started appearing online:




Original Story [Mon 13th Jan, 2020 14:30 GMT]: Konami was once the toast of the video gaming world thanks to franchises like Gradius, Contra, Metal Gear, Castlevania and Ganbare Goemon, but in more recent years the company has faded into the background, content to use its stable of IP to create pachinko machines and pump out yearly Pro Evolution Soccer updates.

However, there are signs that Konami is beginning to take games development seriously again. Super Bomberman R was a neat Switch launch title, and Contra: Rogue Corps – while something of a disappointment critically – did at least show that the company knows its past titles still hold some value. We've also benefitted from Contra, Castlevania and arcade collections recently, all of which showcase Konami's previous glories.

The firm's rehabilitation might not be quite complete yet, but the news that it is producing a brand-new IP for Switch has certainly filled us with hope. CoroCoro Online (via Gematsu) has revealed that Solomon Program is in development for Nintendo's console, and that it will be supported by a manga adaptation published in special edition of MiraCoro Comic Ver. 2.0.

Solomon Program 01 12 20 001

While the game is described as a 'monster battler', the action is turn-based rather than real-time. The aim is to use your monsters to defeat others using a series of commands which have to be inputted into a machine. Like Pokémon, there will be an element of 'collecting' monsters in the game, as well as RPG mechanics.

Outside of that, information is sketchy, but we do know that the special issue of MiraCoro Comic which contains the manga will also include a demo code for the game. It's due for publication on January 17th in Japan.

[source videogamer.com]