Image: Yusuke Hashimoto

Bayonetta has been in the headlines a lot recently. At the end of last year, PlatinumGames' founder Hideki Kamiya was asked when fans could expect to hear more about the next entry, Bayonetta 3. He responded by saying "development's going really well" but didn't offer any extra insight.

Now, in the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu, Kamiya has shared a little more information about the game's current development status – reassuring fans it's progressing very smoothly, even though there hasn't been any new information at all since its original reveal.

Here's the full translation from BlackKite (thanks again, Japanese Nintendo):

First of all regarding Bayonetta 3, there hasn’t been any new information at all ever since the first reveal so I feel like a lot of people are getting worried about it, but the inspection for new systems is going well, and the development is also progressing very smoothly, so please rest assured and wait for it. There are also many other interesting things I want to talk about, but it’s a super secret so I can’t say.

If you're wondering about the other "interesting things" Kamiya wants to discuss but is not allowed to right now, it might be tied to the "several big announcements" PlatinumGames intends to reveal early this year. Kamiya also notes how 2020 will "become a year of upheaval for Platinum" – which perhaps has something to do with a capital investment it recently received from Chinese tech giant Tencent.

While the above comment might not seem like much of an update to some Bayonetta fans, it's always nice to hear development is progressing well after certain other first-party Switch exclusives ended up getting delayed last year.

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