First 4 Figures Luigi's Mansion 3 Statue
Image: Nintendo Life

Every First 4 Figures release gains plenty of attention, but the company's latest statue caught our eye more than usual, primarily because it features a cowering Luigi and loyal Polterpup – as seen in the critically-acclaimed Luigi's Mansion 3 on Switch, of course.

Our statue arrived this week and we've already feverishly unboxed it, like that kid with the N64. However, we're not entirely selfish and have documented our first few moments with the product before giving it pride of place in the Nintendo Life office.

As ever, the workmanship that's gone into this statue is pretty exceptional – check out Luigi's expression – but the real selling point is the fact that various elements light up. Polterpup shines brightly (he even has some glow-in-the-dark footprints which we sadly couldn't capture via a photo), while Luigi's Poltergust G-00 also illuminates.

Check out the gallery below (click to enlarge each image):

You'll need to buy a special 18500 capacity 3.7V rechargeable battery to get these to work, as there isn't one included in the box (despite the eye-watering price tag). You can run the thing off a Micro USB cable (which is how you charge the battery – again, there's sadly no cable in the box), but it does emit a rather worrying high-pitched sound when doing so (the charging circuit for the battery, we assume), so we wouldn't recommend it.

Have you got one on order too? Let us know with a comment.

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