Ring Fit Adventure

Speedrunning is a popular pastime with truly dedicated gamers, and is a practice which often requires players to exploit glitches or shortcuts in clever ways. However, there's no such technique to be found in a game like Ring Fit Adventure – but that hasn't stopped a bunch of players from speedrunning it regardless.

Japanese player Sakinyan currently holds the world record for speedrunning the new Switch fitness title; during the record-setting playthrough (conducted on an "intensity" level of 1, the lowest setting), she beat the game's final boss after a staggering 18 hours, 59 seconds. When you consider that Ring Fit Adventure is arguably designed to be played in short, daily bursts, that's quite an achievement.

Sakinyan isn't alone in this endeavour, either; Adam “Ventifer” England lies in second place on the leaderboard with a time of 19 hours, 30 minutes, and 11 seconds. Meanwhile, Liam “LiamGiiV” Gallagher currently holds records for 10 of the game’s 23 worlds. While the speedrunning community surrounding Ring Fit Adventure is small right now, it's clearly on the up-and-up.

It goes without saying that the stamina and determination to play a game as demanding as this for almost an entire day is off the scale (Sakinyan apparently only visited the bathroom once during the record-breaking run). These players are pushing their bodies to the absolute limit – but even for Sakinyan, there is a definite ceiling.

While her record-breaking run was done on the game's easiest mode, the true gauntlet – and one that will be harder to crack – is finishing the game as fast as possible with the intensity level set to 30. With the setting this high, the physical demands are increased dramatically.

So how did Sakinyan do on level 30? 11 hours and 16 minutes. Nothing to be sniffed at, and certainly better than we could do.

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