Update (Mon 20th Jan, 2020): Mighty Ape has admitted that the listings were a mistake and that the games are only being released in digital form. Boo.

Original Story (Mon 6th Jan, 2020 11:00 GMT): Both Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6 could be about to receive standalone, physical releases on Nintendo Switch - should this new retail listing be anything to go by.

Mighty Ape, an online retailer operating across Australia and New Zealand, has listed both titles for the Nintendo Switch in physical form. Both pages mention a release date of 27th March, include tentative artwork, and say that the games in question have not yet been rated for release.

You can see the links for yourself here and here.

Resident Evil 5 Switch
Image: Mighty Ape
Resident Evil 6 Switch
Image: Mighty Ape

You might remember that these games have already been released physically - well, kind of - as part of the Resident Evil Triple Pack. This collection arrived in North America and Japan in October 2019, with Resident Evil 4 available on the included cartridge and 5 and 6 available via download codes.

The release never made it to Australia, though - or indeed, Europe - so perhaps this is the real deal? Until Nintendo or Capcom officially announce such a release we'd remain cautious - especially as we haven't found these games listed on any other sites - but here's hoping these two games really do get their own releases for those of us who missed out.

Would you like to see these physical games arrive this March? Have you already gone ahead and bought them digitally? Tell us below.

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