Detana!! TwinBee
Image: Moby Games

Towards the end of last year, Hamster added Konami's vertical side-scrolling shoot 'em up TwinBee to its Arcade Archives collection on the Nintendo Switch. Now, to follow this up, it has decided to release Bells & Whistles.

Although the two titles sound like they have nothing in common, Bells & Whistles is actually the fifth entry in the TwinBee series and is known as Detana!! TwinBee in Japan. The premise of this 1991 release is much the same - requiring the player to shoot everything in sight.

Here's some more information about it from the official PR, and below this are some in-game screenshots:

Collect bells to receive all sorts of power ups or powerful Charged Shots and use them to save Planet Mel from being invaded by the alien Iva. During co-op play, TWINBEE and WINBEE can work together to use Special Power Up attacks.

Bells & Whistles will set you back $7.99 / £6.29, supports up to two players and is due out tomorrow on 16th January.

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