One of the most impressive Switch eShop releases last year was The Touryst by Shin'en Multimedia. Unfortunately, it arrived towards the end of the year and was arguably overshadowed by a lot of Nintendo's first-party titles.

If you were one of the Switch users who may have added it to your wishlist at the time, but never got around to actually purchasing it, you can now go ahead and download a demo of the game from either the US or UK eShop. It's only 87MB and the full game isn't much bigger if you decide to purchase it.

In our Nintendo Life review, we gave the game nine out of ten stars and said it was a joyous island holiday adventure featuring the perfect balance of atmospheric puzzling, leisurely exploring and minigame madness to keep players entertained from start to finish.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and download the demo if you haven't already played the full release.