Yoshi's Woolly World was one of our favourite games on the Wii U, partly because you can't go wrong with a nice dose of Yoshi cuteness, but also largely because of its truly wonderful soundtrack.

The man behind many of our fondest musical memories in that game, composer Tomoya Tomita, has his very own YouTube channel, and fans of the game have been treated to something of a Christmas miracle today. Seemingly out of the blue, Tomita has shared a huge selection of tracks that weren't in the final build of the game, and some of them are even accompanied by gameplay footage.

You should definitely head over to his YouTube channel if you're interested in hearing all of them, but we've gathered just a few for you below:

There's something really cool about seeing or hearing things that never made it into your favourite games, so this is quite the treasure trove of hidden delights.

Let us know which tracks turn out to be your favourites with a comment below.