Switch Lite
Image: Nintendo Life

In this series of end-of-year features, we're summing up some of 2019's biggest talking points.

2019's biggest talking point from a pure hardware perspective was the release of the Switch Lite, Nintendo's first major revision of the popular Switch system. While it removes some of the console's core features – such as the ability to 'switch' between portable and home console modes – its solid design and lower price will make it a very appealing prospect for parents with young children.

Indeed, the Switch Lite is expected to fill the void left by the departing 3DS range, which will surely see the end of the line in 2020. While seasoned Switch players will no doubt be waiting for the arrival of the inevitable 'Pro' model, the Lite offers the ideal entry point for newcomers – and those dedicated enough to need a second Switch console for long trips.

There were some who doubted the sense in creating a Switch which can't switch, but the sales figures justify Nintendo's approach; the Switch Lite has sold strongly, as has the original model, throughout 2019. The introduction of a second SKU alongside an already decent selling platform means Nintendo may well achieve the goal of beating the Wii's lifetime sales – although the DS may be out of reach.

Did you pick up a Switch Lite in 2019, or do you still think it's a pointless console, given that it can't toggle between handheld and docked modes? Let us know with a comment.