Fed up of the annual FIFA games not providing the full-fat experience on Switch? Perhaps it's time to explore something a little different.

Publisher Toplitz Productions has confirmed that Soccer, Tactics & Glory will be shooting for glory on the console in February 2020, giving players control of a new club who start off in the amateur leagues and hope to one day reach the Premier League.

You'll need to build your team, train your players and pit them against formidable opponents, using strategic planning and making big decisions in order to turn your team of rookies into champs. It's football (or soccer) as you know it, but with a turn-based twist. Here are some key features:

- Turn-based matches: Unique turn-based on-the-pitch play system allows players to strategically place their team members in order to capitalize on weaker skills of the opponent
- Rich League-based Campaign: Start in the amateur leagues, play in cup matches, buy and train your players, improve your club and take them to the pro leagues
- Skills and Class Systems: With a variety of skills and classes that can be assigned to a player’s team members, Soccer, Tactics & Glory invites players to experiment according to their own playstyle as they build their club
- Ultimate Face Editor: Change and customize the face of any player on your roster
-Smooth Animations: Characters move elegantly and realistically during matches
- Online Matches: Players can join with friends online for a friendship-breaking playoff tournament as they fight to see who among them is the best tactician

Feeling up for a game or two of tactical soccer? Let us know if you're liking the sound of this one with a comment below.