Who's That Pokemon?

We love seeing gaming-related stuff appear on TV shows, mostly because it's hilarious when people get something wrong which is obvious to us. Remember when a Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? contestant didn't know whether Jigglypuff or Frodo was a Pokémon? Brilliant.

Thankfully, then, it happened again earlier this week, with Pokémon being a category on US quiz show, Jeopardy!. The franchise actually had something of a takeover going on - these category names are fantastic.

As it happens, the contestants didn't do well enough to reach the $1,000 clue, but the show did give us the chance to see a handful of Poké-questions. See if you would have known the $200, $400, $600, and $800 answers (thanks, GameSpot):


Feel free to throw your answers in the comments below. We imagine plenty of you will do pretty well here.

And hey, at least these questions are all actually correct, unlike Jeopardy's recent Tetris incident.

[source gamespot.com]