Nintendo shares saw a rather significant spike today, ending the day in Tokyo at the highest point seen for the last 19 months.

At the end of the trading day on 10th December, Nintendo's shares were sitting at 46,370.00 JPY. The jump is clear to see on the first of the charts shown below; the second chart shows how the shares have seen a steady rise throughout 2019, despite the occasional slip.

Nintendo Stockvia Google
Nintendo Stockvia Google

So why the sudden jump? Well, one potential reason is today's launch of the Nintendo Switch in China, which could well have given investors and analysts reason to be happy. It's hard to know for sure, however, as analysts appear to be a little all over the place when it comes to predicting Nintendo's imminent success - or lack of - in the country.

Dr. Serkan Toto, CEO & founder of Kantan Games Inc and Japanese games market expert, has described the current situation as 'complete insanity'. In a tweet, he's said that "UBS initially projected 50,000 units sales for Switch in year 1 in China. Now Wedbush comes with up to 5,000,000", highlighting the bizarre and noticeable difference between the two claims.

Either way, things are looking good for Nintendo as it stands.