A number of years ago, Minecraft started out with a couple of basic animals like sheep and pigs. As development progressed, marine life was added to the game, bamboo-chomping pandas showed up and even red foxes appeared.

Now, in the latest update (following on from the update for the PS4 version earlier this week), Mojang has added "buzzy" bees. You can discover how bees breathe life into their surroundings, bringing speedier crop growth, "homey" hives, and sticky honey. Here's some additional information about the update:

There are baby bees, honey blocks, bee hives/nests, and Steve’s new catchphrase “block you later!” that you’ll be pleased to hear we’ve already patched out.

A flying machine made with honey blocks
A flying machine made with honey blocks

This flying machine was made by KiemPlanetG, who is at the forefront of this sticky new industrial revolution. “We can essentially bypass the push limit of pistons by alternating between slime blocks and honey blocks, because now we are able to divide the load between multiple pistons,” they explain.

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