To kick-off this year's Game Awards, we got a look at the upcoming DLC for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order. This is the second DLC Pack coming to the game and will contain four iconic X-Men. These mutants include Phoenix, Gambit, Iceman and Cable.

In addition to this are new Gauntlet missions and a competitive Danger Room Mode. This pack will become available on 23rd December. You can learn more about it in the above video, and if you would like to try it out yourself, be sure to pick up the expansion pass for $19.99 or your regional equivalent. Keep in mind, these packs are not available for individual purchase.

Here's a brief rundown, courtesy of the official game site:

Dark Phoenix, the infinitely powerful cosmic entity from one of the X-Men's greatest sagas, unleashes an era of fiery destruction! Four more X-Men join the alliance with this DLC pack: Phoenix, Gambit, Iceman, and Cable. Plus, face-off against friends in the newly added Danger Room mode! Up to four players will compete to see who can take down enemies while being barraged by buffs and debuffs.

Get an in-game alternative-color chef outfit for Deadpool!

Will you be trying out these new heroes in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3? Comment below.