Nintendo has announced the next event for its free-to-play mobile game Mario Kart Tour. Of course, it's all tied to the new year. Celebrations starting on 31st December with the aptly named New Year's Tour.

This next tour will decorate the Tokyo track, add multiple new driver alts, karts and gliders, and ends on 14th January. As you can see in the trailer above, Mario is wearing traditional Happi attire from Super Mario Odyssey and Toad has a much sillier new year's outfit on. There's also a Gold Koopa and Red Yoshi on show.

Mario Kart Tour got off to a strong start in 2019, with the game not long ago voted as one of the 'best casual games' of 2019 by Google Play and also acknowledged by Apple as being the most-downloaded game of the year.

Will you be seeing in the new year with Mario Kart Tour? Leave a comment down below.

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