Project Cars

During the Wii U generation, London-based developer Slightly Mad Studios was working on a game called Project CARS. It was meant to be the definitive racing sim for Nintendo's system at the time but got cancelled in 2015. The final release (on other platforms) was well-received and a sequel followed in 2017.

Fast forward to earlier this week, and Slightly Mad has now been acquired by the British developer and publisher Codemasters for $30 million (£23.3 million). According to, the studio currently has three projects in development: a mobile version of Project Cars, a "Hollywood blockbuster movie" game, and one based on its own intellectual property.

As noted in the official announcement, both companies share a rich history of creating "AAA racing games" so this is seemingly the perfect match and is expected to reinforce Codemasters as a global powerhouse in the development of racing titles.

Codemasters – with the help of Feral Interactive – recently released GRID Autosport on the Switch with additional features and enhancements. Perhaps the chances of seeing a Slightly Mad game on a Nintendo system are now better than before.