Juicy Cupcake has revealed that its "butt 'em up" game, Brief Battles, is bopping its way to a Switch near you in February.

A brand new trailer has been released (see above), revealing a 21st February release date and showing off plenty of the underwear-fueled party action you can expect to enjoy on that very day. The game has you using your underpants to scramble around, grab power-ups, and fight your friends - a series of events which sounds scarily familiar to those that take place in the Nintendo Life office once we start getting bored at around 3pm.

The Switch version of Brief Battles is said to run "slick and fast, with camera tracking and UI improvements". It also comes with plenty of crossover skins for characters you'll know and love from other games:

Meet our Crossover Underwearrior Skins!
- Yooka-Laylee Violet (Based on Yooka & Laylee from Yooka-Laylee)
- CommanderVideo Chad (Based on CommanderVideo from Bit.Trip Runner)
- Goo Kevin (Based on Goo from World of Goo)
- Machinarium Tubbins (Based on Josef from Machinarium)
- Toto Sparrow Deluxe (Based on the Red toto from Toto Temple Deluxe)
- Stumpy Kevin (Based on the Stumpt YouTube channel mascot, Stumpy)

You can play with up to three friends and choose from a variety of modes including Classic Battle, Hold The Gold, and Underpants Collector. Solo players needn't worry, though, as solo challenges are also offered with plenty of rewards to unlock.

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