The DOOM series didn't experience the best launch when it got a surprise release on the Switch, but since then, Bethesda has continued to enhance each one of the games with small updates.

Now, in celebration of DOOM's 26th anniversary, Bethesda has revealed during a livestream that both DOOM and DOOM II will be receiving some special updates in the near future. Part of this update is the free community-created add-ons (also known as WADs), which will appear in a separate in-game menu.

One of these includes John Romero's unofficial fifth DOOM episode SIGIL (featuring nine new single-player levels and nine new deathmatch arenas), and the others are TnT: Evilution and The Plutonia Experiment - which made-up the 32-level Final DOOM release. Apart from this, an upcoming patch will enable locked 60fps and provide more aspect ratio options to both of these classics.

DOOM 64 is also expected to receive visual adjustments to improve environmental brightness and provide more options for anti-aliasing, filters and field of view. There'll be an option to change the colour of blood in this release as well.

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