A few weeks ago we were treated to our first look at the new set of Pokémon Sword and Shield plush toys headed to Japan - including the adorable Wooloo, of course - and now even more little goodies have been revealed.

Bandai has shared a first look at its upcoming Pokémon Kids figures, all of which are based on the new anime which has already started in Japan. We can see the show's two main stars, Ash and Go, as well as a number of new Pokémon like Gossifleur, Rolycoly, and Alcremie. The set even includes some older faces, too, like Pelipper and a dabbing Riolu.


The figures are set to be released in Japan later this year and will join the already-announced set of figures seen below.


Naturally, these aren't always easy to find in the west, so you may have to resort to specialist import stores or eBay if you're wanting to grab some from abroad.

We'll take Sobble and Wooloo, please.

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