The best-known spot appears in Kakariko Village, but did you know there are 11 more?
Image: via Do Whatever Games

Zelda games often contain hidden secrets and little treats for players to discover, and The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past is no different.

One such secret found within the SNES classic is Link's ability to 'pull' on an object to receive rupees, the in-game currency. You may well be aware of this already, as one such object - the Mario painting found in Kakariko Village - is a relatively well-known spot. As it happens, though, there are plenty more to be found.

Benjamin Daws got in touch with us here at Nintendo Life to talk about the discovery. He, like us, hasn't seen the majority of these spots crop up in conversation before, but has shared a video to highlight exactly where they can be found and has even explained how you can determine the type of rupee you'll receive.

You can give it a watch below if you're interested; Benjamin notes that there are seven locations which can be pulled in the Light World, although some won't work depending on your current progress in-game, and five can be found - and always used - in the Dark World.

As for how you'll know which rupees you'll receive, it turns out that the game monitors your skill in battle. If you haven't defeated any enemies you'll get nothing; defeating one enemy will get you green rupees; and defeating four enemies will grant you either blue or red rupees, depending on whether or not you've taken any damage.

Did you know about these spots already? Has your mind just been blown? Let us know in the comments below.