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Image: Nintendo

As part of today's presentation on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's newest fighter, Terry Bogard, series director Masahiro Sakurai spoke briefly about the younger generations' lack of knowledge surrounding the character, Fatal Fury, and developer SNK.

It's a topic that became prominent within the Nintendo community when Terry was first revealed for Smash, with plenty of younger people being left confused at the reveal, not knowing who Terry was supposed to be, and some - shall we say, more mature folk - being left equally shocked by the young 'uns lack of understanding.

In the presentation, Sakurai spoke about how his use of SNK terminology might confuse younger players throughout the presentation, and used the opportunity to also comment on Terry's inclusion in the game. He highlights that the fact that, in his eyes, how fun the character is to play should be more important than their age.

"Since we have the opportunity, I want to talk about Terry using a lot of SNK lingo... meaning, in this discussion, the younger generations may feel a little out of the loop. But there's nothing to worry about.

"When we released the original Nintendo 64 version of Super Smash Bros., I was often asked, 'Who is Samus?!'

"Whether or not the character is fun to play as is more important than whether the character is new or old, or whether the character is recognisable to everyone."

If you do happen to fall into the 'I have no idea who Terry really is' camp, you might want to check out our recent feature all about the character and his history. If you've got to read and learn about something, it may as well be video game-related, right?

If you missed the news, Terry will be available in Smash Ultimate today.