Yesterday's release of Luigi's Mansion 3 was perfect for a number of reasons. Firstly, it's a pretty wonderful game, then there's the fact that the ghostbusting title launched on Halloween of all days, and now... Well, now we have this.

Not content with simply having the game on display, the Telford branch of UK retailer GAME decided to share its passion for the game in its own, special way. The man you're about to see is Steve, a figure who's becoming increasingly popular online thanks to a number of funny videos shared to the official GAME Telford Twitter account. This time, he's merged Luigi's Mansion 3 with Queen's classic, 'I Want To Break Free'.

A particular favourite moment of ours was when the poor child in the background seemingly pressed some kind of inner rewind button, aiming to hide from the spooky goings-on a little further down the store.

Even if you don't live near Telford, or indeed in the UK, we'd still argue that it's worth giving the account a follow. Otherwise you'll be missing out on regular oddities like this.

Keep it up, Steve!