Nintendo Switch Online

As you might recall, September was the one-year anniversary of Switch Online. At Nintendo's financial results briefing today, president Shuntaro Fukukawa briefly addressed it saying how membership numbers had "steadily" increased since its launch.

September marked the one-year anniversary of the launch of Nintendo Switch Online. Global membership numbers are increasing steadily this fiscal year.

He also touched on expanding the service and said how Nintendo would continue to "enhance" it to continue encouraging Switch users to try it out.

We have previously discussed out the importance of expanding the Nintendo Switch Online service in ways that appeal to consumers. Here are the services and benefits added since the launch of Nintendo Switch Online last year. Going forward, we will continue to enhance service content to encourage owners of the Nintendo Switch system or Nintendo Switch Lite system to try the service and see its appeal first-hand, so they will join and maintain a subscription.

Prior to the one-year anniversary of the service, at a Q&A shareholder meeting in April, Nintendo confirmed the service had already passed 10 million subscribers. Since then, it's received the Super Nintendo Online service update, which has no doubt boosted subscriptions once again.

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