Microsoft has had a tough time in Japan on the video game front. The latest iteration of its Xbox system shifts a handful of units per week within the region and the company's first-party offerings often struggle to appeal to Japanese players.

While it's not going so well for the Xbox or its library of games, one Microsoft-owned IP that is performing quite well in Japan (on other systems) is Minecraft. In particular, the Switch version of the game, which was released in store on 21st June 2018 and published by Xbox Game Studios in this location. As revealed in this week's Japanese charts, the physical edition of Minecraft on Switch has now shifted 1,003,160 units.

This makes it Xbox Game Studios' first retail game to reach one million sales within Japan and apparently the first third-party retail game on Switch to shift more than one million units within this region. Obviously, this figure does not include the number of digital game sales on Switch, which is believed to be just under half a million sales so far since its release on 12th May 2017.

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