Arc Of Alchemist

Idea Factory International has announced the desert-filled RPG Arc of Alchemist is coming to the Nintendo Switch early next year. The game will be made available in both Europe and North America via the eShop.

The western release allows players to explore the Desert of Beginnings with an updated user interface, new items and new base facilities for better character levelling. You can also now choose from more than seven playable characters – with each one specialising in unique weapons, attacks and abilities.

Here's some information about the game's story, directly from the PR:

Enter the desert in search of the key to save humanity – the Great Power. One year, the king declared that he would send a large-scale investigation team to the Desert of Beginnings.

Chosen to captain this mission, Quinn Bravesford leads her soldiers into battle against a swath of enemy nations for the sake of her kingdom. Quinn gazes at the ancient alchemic device, the Lunagear, within her hand. According to the legends of yore, once the Lunagear is equipped with the four Orbs, it will unlock the Great Power that will save humanity. Only one Orb resides in Quinn's Lunagear. Collecting the four Orbs for the Lunagear, however, is a mere legend.

With the threat of dangerous creatures and Machine Dolls wandering the desert, one of the enemy nations, the Principality of Neuhaven, has dispatched their military in search of the Great Power. Now, Quinn and her band of allies must fight against the Principality of Neuhaven in hopes to find the Great Power and save humanity. Quinn steels herself, but even so, she can't help but doubt the existence of the Great Power…

In addition to character specialisations, you'll be able to open new pathways by using Lunagear to combine elements and manipulate both organic and mechanical environments. Building a strong base is also essential, as it allows your party to regroup after battles and strategize its next attack. Upgrading facilities within your camp can help improve your party's makeup as well.

While you do all of this, you'll be able to amass and exchange items to help strengthen your party, alter a weapon's appearance and forge special items. Below are some screens from the PR:


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