Epic Games still hasn't recovered from the Fortnite Chapter 2 leak, as it continues to hunt down and sue every leaker it can.

Following on from a lawsuit Epic filed at a North Carolina court last month against a user experience tester who allegedly broke a non-disclosure agreement, it has now taken aim at a play tester within Montreal's Keywords Studios, by the name of Lucas Johnston.

According to The Canadian Press, a claim was filed against Johnston in the Quebec Superior Court, accusing him of publishing "highly confidential information" about Fortnite Chapter 2.

Johnston was supposedly caught on security camera footage taking a screenshot of the new playing environment and reportedly told the court he had emailed it to himself but did not know how it surfaced online.

This follows an internal investigation at Keywords Studios, which resulted in Johnston being sacked after it was discovered he was associated with the poster who leaked the image on the Fortnite Competitions' official forum.

Like the previous tester, Epic is now claiming Johnston spoilt the surprise of Chapter 2 and violated the non-disclosure agreement.

As a result, the video game giant is seeking unspecified damages exceeding $85k.

[source eurogamer.net]