With enough imagination, that fancy Ring-Con accessory that comes with your snazzy copy of Ring Fit Adventure could be anything. Sure, it could be just the high-tech Pilates ring it's supposed to be, or it could be Captain America's shield, a discus, a frisbee, a hula hoop... It could even be a steering wheel, which conveniently leads us on to the point we're actually trying to make here.

Yes, one particularly imaginative so-and-so has gone to the bother of using it with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. If you don't fancy splashing out for that super cool Mario Kart Switch Wheel we shared recently, the Ring-Con could work as a decent makeshift alternative.

As you might expect, it doesn't work quite as well as you'd like, but it's still a fun little way to pass the time. YouTube user Rando Media has shared the following video, explaining that steering and tricks work "flawlessly", but thanks to the Joy-Con being stuck in the Ring-Con's grip, there's no real way to drift or use items.

If you're wanting to try this at home, you'll need to ensure that your auto acceleration option is turned on, otherwise you'll be left sitting on the starting grid looking like you've just turned up for the world's worst soapbox race.

Now then, excuse us while we head off for a spot of multiplayer Mario Kart Fitness Deluxe. What could possibly go wrong?

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