We've been loving our time with The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening on Switch. So much so, that we've actually found ourselves wandering around humming that theme tune over and over again as we work, eat, relax, and probably even when we're asleep. It's just that good.

As it turns out, the track almost took on an entirely different arrangement for the recent remake. Composer and arranger Ryo Nagamatsu has shared a blog post on Nintendo's official site, giving us a quick insight into the testing process for the game's music. He mentions that for Zelda games, orchestrated elements are often used to help original melodies feel more dramatic in newer versions, but thanks to this particular remake's unique visuals, this wouldn't really work.

Instead, the goal was to use a smaller orchestra; initially, Nagamatsu arranged the classic theme on just brass instruments, but this eventually changed and the final result features a much more simple composition (that cute little version you hear when booting up the game).

It's an experimental version that was created during testing that has us the most intrigued, however. In the blog, a small clip is shared to demonstrate one direction that was explored. It's certainly different; Nagamatsu prepares the listener by stating, "During the testing stage, we actually went as far as this (*laughs*)".

"Naaaaaa, na na nana na na-naaaaaa, na na nana na na-naaaaaa, na na nana na!"


Strangely enough, we imagine we wouldn't have thought too much about it if the game had shipped with that piece on the soundtrack, but now we've played the game and gotten used to the real deal, this sounds rather bonkers by comparison. Bonkers in the best way possible, of course.

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